A coworker referred me to Direct Savings because my bill was getting outrageous. I was about to cancel my bundle with DirecTV. They were able to drop my bill $80 less a month.

David S.

I currently use Charter with three services: internet, cable, phone I used to pay 245 dollars a month. Since Direct Savings lowered my bill I now pay 150 dollars a month for one year. I didn’t even have to change my package at all I kept all my same services.

Layla b.

My dish bill was over 110 dollars a month I was about to cancel my service until I found out about Direct Savings. I am on a tight budget, they dropped me down to 75 dollars a month till my membership expires.

maria S.

I have the fastest internet speed with Cox and paying $76 per month. I was referred by brother about Direct Savings and signedup . I was very pleased when I started paying $25 per month less.

Michael n.

My bill was nearly $131 per month with Comcast for just cable and internet. The Direct Savings membership allowed me to get my services to $89 per month.

Felicia R.
New Mexico

My internet and tv bill was pretty high around $142 per month. I was about to start downgrading to save money. Direct Savings didn’t lower any of my plans I kept everything the same.They dropped the bill to a little over $100 a month.

tony m.
New York

I have service with CenturyLink and my bill used to be $147 dollars a month since getting the membership program I am down to $102 dollars a month speed.

Abraham K


I have two services with Windstream and my bill was getting higher every 6 months. Direct Savings was able to get me a $35 discount a month off. I even got a faster internet speed.

David S

My bill was high considering I only have one tv with Mediacom i was paying $73 dollars a month. Now since Direct Savings lowered the bill I am now paying $48 a month

Rebecca A.

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